About Flippy

Flippy is a charitable community project established with the aim of continuing the generation of sea turtles.  As sea creatures, “FLIPPY” will support all activities to protect nature and have a free and healthy life

It will support the work of over 20 associations, foundations or charitable societies in many countries around the world to protect the oceanic ecological system by making regular monthly cryptocurrency donations.

The project includes educating young children with various educational and fun materials in order to become environmentalists and to consciously learn the value of the ecological system. The FLIPPY project managers will engage in events and meetings in various countries to establish partnerships and provide funding for charitable foundations.  

FLIPPY will adopt associations and foundations for all sea turtles around the world as a sister platform and will be in regular communication.
Together with our investors, we will collect donations and fund and support the ecological environment.

It is no coincidence that these beautiful and charismatic animals are the photogenic face of so many tourism brochures and environmental campaigns. Besides being iconic symbols of our ocean environment, sea turtles fulfil vital functions in ocean ecosystems. The time has come for us to protect sea turtles and rebuild their populations to healthy and sustainable levels as a vital step in ensuring healthy and resilient oceans for the future.

Sea turtles are air-breathing reptiles adapted to life in the sea that have not lived for millions of years, they live in large oceans and seas, but in order to survive, they choose tropical and warm beaches for spawning.  Sea turtles are fascinating animals that perform important tasks in the battered ecosystems of the oceans. They must not be let go extinct!

The ocean, plastic waste in the seas, large commercial hunting activities have started to destroy the sea turtles with each passing year destroying the habitat.  As sea creatures, “FLIPPY” will support all activities to protect nature.


Smart Contract BEP-20

Token name: Flippy Life

Symbol: FLIPPY

Total Supply: 1 Trillion

Maximum Supply: 1 Trillion

Decimals: 18









Contract number:  0xc17064b0fdaef74ec556f4b19531598def03c061


Rewards will be automatically allocated to investors wallets in the form of BUSD when the amount of tokens accumulated is greater than 0.002% of the total supply. The reward fee will be automatically swapped to the reward token of BUSD.  In order to received BUSD reward each wallet must hold a minimum of 10 000 000 FLIPPY tokens.


Donation and Awarness of 3% will be allocted on every buy and sell transation.


All buy and sell transations will contribute 4% towards liquidity.  The liquidity is locked.


Charities & Foundations

Contribution collected from all trading activities are allocated in a Charity Donation Pool to create awareness and distribute these donations fairly among many foundations who dedicate their work towards saving and caring for sea turtles.  We welcome the community to also engage with us and bring forward further foundations that may require funding assistance.  Donations will take place monthly and we may add additional partners to the list as the project expands further.  We will engage in various meetings with organization globally to create awareness via various the use of educational content, activities, volunteer work and awareness campaigns.

Supported Foundation

SEE Turtles connects people with sea turtles in meaningful, personal and, memorable ways.

We help the sea turtle community connect, grow, and thrive by supporting community-based conservation efforts. Our programs provide funding, resources, and tools to protect endangered sea turtle species in the Global South. Since our launch, we have generated more than $1 million for conservation and local communities and we have helped save more than 5 million hatchlings at 50+ beaches.

Learn about sea turtles through our podcast, webinars, books, presentations, and the Sea Turtle Week Initiative.










Contact us

We love to hear from our investors and discover new foundations that require donation funding, you may contact us directly via email at contact@flippylife.com or alternatively fill in the contact form below with a short message.